Location Scouting With Augmented Reality

Planet PrePro has always been at the forefront of developing and sharing new technology to apply to our productions. We've done this with our Location Scouting Database and the PPP Scout iPhone app, our Talent Database and iPad Casting app, and our production tools - PPP PC, PPP Miles, PPP Expenses.

The worlds of decreasing production timelines and the rise of instant gratification have collided, requiring preproduction, and production to move at a faster clip. In response, we recently developed and launched the PPP AR app, an augmented reality app for use with placing 3D vehicles in your location images – real-time. With an intuitive user interface, the feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive, with users' thanks included.

Augmented reality in production does not end with vehicles. So we just launched PPP AR-P with people (instead of vehicles), which like the vehicle app, provides the ability to place people in your location images in real-time.

These apps, free on the app store, will facilitate and accelerate the creative process at every stage. Whether an advertising agency, location scout or production company, location-specific augmented reality images captured using the apps require less imagination for the viewer and a more realistic representation of an idea. Visit the Vehicle AR and People AR pages to experience the effects of these apps firsthand.


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