In realtime you can scout locations with generic versions of 10 different vehicle models in 11 different colors.

It's FAST, INTUITIVE, and EASY to use. The PPP AR app is free to use for anyone that wants to preview and photograph what a vehicle would look like on location - Even where you can't put a vehicle while location scouting.

Place a vehicle, move it closer and farther from the camera postion, rotate it 360 degrees to the desired angle, and move the camera left, right, up and down to get the perfect shot.

Point the iPhone's camera down at the ground and walk around the area to "Paint" the ground where the vehicle will be placed on the location and touch the "Set" button. The default vehicle (Crossover) in the default color (silver) will be dropped on the "painted" surface. Walk back to the desired camera position and start to choose your options.

When the apps starts acquiring the surface, the "infinite plane" button is set to "off" by default. This limits the area where the vehicle can be placed to just the section of the surface that you "painted". You can extend the surface to an "infinite" surface area by changing the "infinite plane" button to "on".

The app might have trouble finding the surface at night or if the location is dark.

*The app will only recognize a surface that is less than 3 meters from the iPhone. So, if you want to shoot a "Top Down" angle of the location, aquire the surface by walking around and scanning where you want to place the vehicle and set the surface. Then, with the app open and the vehicle set on the surface, walk around to your top down perspective and set up the shot.

The "Photo" mode has the most options.

You can choose the type of reflections that are on the vehicle surface (Sunny, Cloudy, or "Real"), the type of lighting (Sunny A or B and Cloudy A or B), the Azimuth and Angle of the "Sun" on the vehicle, and you can even add a fill light.

*"Real" reflections are limited based on the power of the smart phone and will often shift the color of the vehicle based on the surrounding environment.

Example below has "Cloudy A" reflections and "Sunny A" lighting.

The Sunny reflection is a pre-set, clear sunny day sky. This gives the vehicle the most shiny, glossy paint feeling. Sometimes the Sunny reflection gives the vehicle the best look in different environmental conditions.

The Cloudy reflections are also pre-set reflections.

(see below for descriptions of the different Sunnys and Cloudy reflections)

*"Real" reflections are limited based on the power of the smart phone.


"Paint" the road near camera position to establish the surface, then choose "Infinite Plane" to extend it.

This allows you to place the vehicle back in the frame away from camera position without having to scan the road all the way back to the vehicle position.

To achieve a "Top Down" or High Angle at your location, start off by scanning the surface where you want to place the vehicle and drop the vehicle into place.

* Do not activate the "Infinite Plane" mode, this will cause the vehicle to move it's position when you get to the "Top Down" camera postion.

After dropping the vehicle into place and adjusting it so to the correct postion, keep the app open and walk up to the "Top Down" camera postion to shoot your image. Once up at the camera postion you can move the vehicle and rotate it if necessary.

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