Smart Phone Production Book

This is the future.

Going Green .....

The best compliment we've received for our Smart Phone Production Book (SPPB) was "Wow, this seems like such an obvious use of the technology". We consistently hear other reactions like "This is great, it's the future"; "It's the only way to work now". Further Evidence that going digital just makes sense.

This is the preferred way of working now and definitely the way everyone will be working in the future. For those who prefer printouts, PDF versions of the Production Book are also available - for the Client PrePro Meetings, permanent records of the project, and any other hard copy needs.

Dialing crew members or sending them a text or email is at your fingertips. Never get lost going to Location or back to the hotel with the Map and Directions features. Access all parts of the Production Book (Contacts, Suppliers, Talent, Talent Measurements, Talent Agents, Hotels, Flights, Car Rentals, Restaurants, Call Times, Weather Forecasts, Layouts & Storyboards, Location Images, Itineraries, Shot Lists, Prop Images, and Wardrobe Images) right from any web-connected browser (smart phone, tablet, or computer).

(After clicking the demo link below, please resize your browser window to the approximate size of a smart phone device. This will allow for a more realistic experience for the smart phone production book demo. To return to our site, just close that window.)

Click Here to test drive the demo.

Click Here for a smart phone formatted reference of the Child Labor Laws.

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