PPP Covid-19 Protocols

In the Studio

General Guidelines

Minimal Crew - Essential crew will be determined prior to beginning of the shoot.

Call Times - All attendees will be given specific, staggered call times with directions to the check-in point. Please maintain proper social distancing while being checked in.

Social Distancing - Everyone must observe social distancing and maintain 6ft distance from other attendees at ALL TIMES.

Hand Washing Stations - Frequent hand washing and and use of hand disinfectant is required. Ample hand sanitizer and hand washing stations will be provided.

PPE - Face-masks are to be worn at all times. If someone arrives to the set without a face covering, one will be provided by production.

Health and Safety Monitor - Production will have a Health and Safety Monitor whose role is to ensure protocols are being followed, spot unsafe behavior, and monitor for symptoms. Each day will begin with a safety meeting to go over protocols. Unsafe Behavior will not be tolerated. Anyone exhibiting unsafe behavior will be asked to leave the set.

Temperatures - Production will reach out to all crew members the night before the shoot to have them verify they have no symptoms and have no known exposure to the virus.

Elevated Temperatures - If you present with a fever of 100 degrees or higher you will not be allowed to enter and asked to step aside. Following CDC guidelines, after you’ve been able to rest for 15 mins, we will re-check your temperature. If it is still high, you will not be allowed access to set and it’s advised that you get tested.

Physical Contact - NO hand shakes, hugs, kissing, or any physical contact.

Cough or Sneeze - Cover your mouth and nose with your arm if you cough or sneeze.

Personal Devices - Do Not share personal electronic devices or other equipment.

Virtual Attendance - Live streams and virtual attendance options should be considered for all personal, including clients, agency, stylists, digital techs, retouchers, etc.

Disinfectant - Production will supply a designated disinfectant PA.

Communication - Departments will be isolated from each other and will rely on walkie talkies to communicate when not on set. Production will supply disinfected walkie talkies at the start of the day. No sharing of walkie talkies with anyone.

No visitors allowed during shoots. - NO spouse, children, friends, Reps, Agents, or visitors are allowed on set.

On Boarding - All crew members and talent will be on boarded prior to the shoot and paid through payroll company to ensure eligibility in state workers comp and unemployment insurance programs.

Location Determination - Shoots will take place in locations with enough outdoor space or in extra-large studio spaces with access to fresh air. Proper ventilation will determine if the location is suitable for a shoot.

Public Transportation - All crew that take public transportation should wear separate clothes when traveling & change when they get to set.

GET IN AND GET OUT - No lingering on set.

Arrival + Temperature Checks

Please do not come to the studio if you have a fever, are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, or have come in contact with someone presumed to be infected or is showing signs of being infected.

Upon arrival, you will be asked if you are experiencing any symptoms associated with Covid-19 such as fever, difficulty breathing, dry cough, loss of sense of smell or taste, etc.

We will check your temperature with a non-contact thermometer. If you present a fever 100 degrees or higher you will not be allowed to enter and asked to step aside. Following CDC guidelines, after you’ve been able to rest for 15 mins, we will re-check your temperature. If it is still high, you will not be allowed access and it’s advised that you get tested.

Traveling to Set

Safe distancing during transit: when equipment and personnel transportation is required, additional vehicles will be provided to ensure safe distancing is not compromised in transit.

Masks and Gloves to be worn whenever using public transportation. Training should be provided to all crew members in how to use and remove gloves, masks and other PPE and calculating measured social distancing.

In the Studio

All attendees are required to wear a face covering, as per local requirements. If someone arrives to the set without a face covering, one will be provided by production.

Studio and equipment will be disinfected prior to the shoot.

Larger Studio spaces will be utilized to allow for proper social distancing. Based on CDC guidelines, there will be a limit to the number of crew members allowed inside the location at any given time.

Fans will be used, to increase air flow and windows will be kept open at all times.

All deliveries will be sanitized before entering the studio.

No directors chairs, couches or soft surfaces will be used for seating.

Photo Assistants / Digital Techs

A Checklist for photo equipment will be provided that lists who will be handling each piece of equipment. All equipment will be wiped down before and after set with with the disinfecting solution.

Digital Techs will stream the computer monitor to allow client and agency to review images and video remotely.

Hair & Makeup

Face shields, gowns, masks and gloves are required at all times and will be provided by production.

Sanitize everything in your bag. These include the brushes, combs, hair clips, pins, scissors, razors, neck brushes, dryer, pens and iPad, etc.

1 brush per talent to avoid cross contamination.

Talent should show up with basic hair and makeup already completed. Where possible, consider using virtual or on set consultants for glam that help talent do their own makeup/hair/styling.

Talent will wear masks the entire time, unless they are being photographed or they are in hair & makeup.

Wardrobe Stylists

Talent is encouraged to use their own wardrobe for the shoot. Stylists can do a Skype call with the talent and choose the appropriate items from the talent’s personal wardrobe collection.

If talent are not able to wear their own clothing, the stylist will pull each look for the talent and only those items will be allowed on set.

Stylist to steam all wardrobe to help kill germs.

Wardrobe alternations and touch up’s will be done prior to talent arrival. There will be minimal wardrobe changes on set.

Where dressing rooms are provided, these rooms/trailers shall be offered on a strict single-occupancy basis, unless provided to members of the same household

Only the wardrobe department is allowed to handle and make adjustments to the wardrobe.

Bathroom / Holding Area

Toilet facilities to be increased on a per-person ratio. Due to their restricted size, a limit to the number of people using a mobile toilet facility at any one time should be considered, depending on the size/design of the facility.

Crew needs to sanitize the bathroom after use. Sanitation supplies will be provided.

Close the lid before you flush.

Do not use the blow dryer to dry your hands.

Extra paper towels, TP, antibacterial soap, and Purell will be added to the bathrooms.


Catering will consist of individual box meals or pre-packaged meals.

Everyone must wash their hands before entering the catering area.

No Self-Serving. A designated production member will disburse the meals while wearing PPE.

Dining areas to be expanded in size to allow for adequate distancing measures.

Crew will be required to bring a water bottle to set and will be encouraged to bring their own snacks.


Production will designate specific individuals to perform high-touch wipe-downs on all equipment and spaces.

High-touch surfaces shall be wiped down periodically with appropriate, EPA-registered disinfectant, following the disinfectant manufacturer’s instructions (e.g., safety requirements, protective equipment, concentration, contact time). Examples of high-touch surfaces are tables, doorknobs, tabletops, cameras, phones, faucets, etc.

Personal equipment (such as headsets, tools, microphones and radios) shall be cleaned and disinfected before being issued and then at least once per day.

Manufacturer’s cleaning instructions should be followed for cleaning of sensitive equipment such as electronics. When cleaning and disinfecting equipment:

  • Unplug all external power sources before you clean the device.
  • Clean using a soft, slightly damp cloth, moistened lightly with warm to hot soapy water.
  • Do not use aerosol sprays, bleaches, or abrasives on broadcast equipment.
  • Do not use any liquid cleaning agents or spray cleaners which may contain flammable materials.
  • Don’t spray cleaning solution directly onto the item.
  • Be careful not to allow moisture into any openings.
  • If no manufacturer guidance is available, consider the use of alcohol-based wipes or sprays containing at least 70% alcohol to disinfect touch screens.
  • Dry surfaces thoroughly to avoid pooling of liquids.

Equipment such as radios/walkie-talkies will be issued to a single cast or crew member and used exclusively by that cast or crew member for the duration of production.

Production will work with all departments prior to arrival to review and implement specific plans for disinfection of department- specific equipment. Departments will review specific workflows and identify ways to ensure disinfection of equipment.

When possible, minimize use of shared equipment. When use of shared equipment is unavoidable, hand hygiene should be performed immediately after use.

Shared workspaces should be cleaned several times throughout the day with an emphasis on high-touch surfaces, including but not limited to production sets, studios, dressing rooms, EQ, hair and make-up stations, trailers, production offices, break areas, shops and eating/meal areas.

Personal items or equipment that must be shared between members of the cast and/or crew must be wiped down with disinfectant between use and hand hygiene shall be performed after handling.

The information listed on this page is provided as reference only and is not guarenteed to be current or complete information. We follow OSHA Guidelines and CDC Best Practices, for current or updated information refer to the CDC website.