Download New Models

    Create Branded Social Media Content.
    (Hot Air Balloon is an AR 3D model)

  • PPP AR+

    3D Vehicles

    New framework with improved rendering and better image quality. (11 Vehicles)

  • PPP AR+

    3D People

    New, better quality model scans. 9 Categories with 70 models (and counting).

Augmented Reality


A requirement for navigating the always-evolving world of advertising is out of the box thinking. PPP AR+ is the latest tool developed by Planet PrePro, and available to the Advertising, Motion Picture, and Education industries.

  • Create Branded Social Media Content;
  • Location Scout with your product in the scene;
  • Brainstorm & Develop Scene Concepts;
  • Download your 3D brand into the app;
  • Access Worldwide Creative Talent;
  • Build a library of "Short Lived Media".

New Framework

11 Vehicles

Improved Image Quality

11 generic vehicle models are preloaded into the app with 11 updated paint colors. New vehicles can be added into the Downloads area by request.

New Scans

70 people models

Larger File Sizes

70 models in 9 categories - Athletic, Business, Casual Adults, Couples, Family, Kids, Medical, Senior, and Service.

Social Media Branding

Custom Models

Download New Models

Company Brands in the Wild.

Have your brand image or new product loaded into the system where only authorized users can download it onto their device to create imagery for Social Media.


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