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About Us

With over 40 years combined experience and offices on both coasts, Planet PrePro is your best choice for production management, casting and location scouting. Our pioneering of digital location scouting and digital casting as well as other proprietary, state-of-the-art tools and technology will translate into real-time information, shorter turnarounds and lower expenses to you.

We are all being presented with shorter turn arounds, with less and less time to organize our shoots. Using the tools we've developed, our teams work together to pull off what many times might seem impossible.

Our Investments

On-Line Project Management Tools

Tools so great, other companies are using them on their productions. (We opened them up to other companies to start developing industry standards)

Smart Phone Production Books

Everyone that has used these Smart Phone Production Books agrees that this is the future, and the only way to work.

Location Scouting & iPad Casting Databases

Location Scouting with our iPhone App to capture GPS and location data while scouting on location, and Casting with our iPad Talent App to get all talent sizes and information.


EstimatesCastingScoutingProject ManagementCrews
TravelCateringEquipment RentalLocation NegotiationPermitsBilling


Our software syncs between offices and we can look up costs from recent projects, giving us the ability to deliver a more acurate bid.

Digital Casting

We use our proprietary iPad Casting System to develop a talent database that we can refer back to when we need last minute talent resources.

Location Scouting

We have a network of Location Scouts that use our iPhone/iPad scouting system to capture GPS coordinates and other location data to help with production issues.

Project Management

Multiple Location Scouts and Casting Directors can upload to one secure website from locations around the world.


Our Contact Manager has information for more than 12,000 contacts we've developed over the years producing jobs.

Travel Arrangements

Our team coordinates schedules for the entire production, making arrangements for everyone traveling.


This is the most important item on our list, Good Catering is what most people remember about the shoot. Our clients expect us to do a good job, but good catering is the "icing on the cake".

Equipment Rental

We have equipment lists from rental houses across the country that we can pull from to find the one elusive item for your shoot.

Location Negotiation

Knowing what to pay for locations across different markets helps keep costs down and also avoids any surprises that could blow out the budget.


Dedicated permit specialists make sure that there are no surprises when the crew arrives on location.


No project is done until the final payment has been received. Our system is highly accountable and transparent to facilitate payments from the Ad Agency in the shortest time possible.

Peace of Mind

The logistics of local or international production with multiple locations can be challenging at best. At Planet PrePro it is part of our normal routine. You can rely on our experience to get your production from Bakersfield to Beijing and then on to Baja with no worries.

We are not a lone wolf with a cell phone. We are a team of production specialists that work together to make your project run smoothly. Over the years we've developed connections with over 12,000 crew members world wide, and, on a moment's notice can shift gears to accomodate changes in the creative direction.

Four Seasons Resorts Thailand

Work We Have Done

more than 20 years in the industry





some of the brands we've worked with over the years

What People Say

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Michael Ancevic - the Fantastical
Chief Creative Officer

Planet PrePro is the perfect modern and efficient production solution.

They are at the forefront of using technology in smart ways that streamline your production as well as your clients experience, and they also understand how to efficiently structure a shoot to maximize video content as well as still content without disrupting either.

Not to mention the fact that if you get stuck in Bora Bora in December, they always know how to get you back in time for Christmas - they have a team of the most resourceful producers I have ever worked with on a global level.

Bill Stockland - Stockland Martel
Artist Representative

The PlanetPro team have been part of Stockland Martel's extended family for many years.

Ours is a competitive, fast-paced business, but Richard and Scott stick to their values, integrity, professionalism, and a belief in surpassing expectations. We have absolute trust in them.

Jamie Appelbaum
Senior Art Producer

I have been working with Planet Pre Pro for many years and have known Richard and Scott for more years than I feel like admitting. The reason for the continued recommendation to photographers and art producers is the level of professionalism that I have found is a rarity in the industry.

PPP has embraced technology and provided many smartphone apps and online options for monitoring a project, from casting to location scouting and travel. Their production app has been an invaluable tool and gives the entire production team access to all imperative information on a smart phone. This has proven to be a lifesaver.

From the first phone call, the right questions are asked, they respect the process, and have an uncanny ability and willingness to solve problems.

There is nothing less than success on every shoot regardless of difficulty. I have come to rely on this team to make my projects seamless and feel that they have been a very large part of my professional success.

Richard Schultz

With the insanity of production timelines that exist today and the possibility that you might need five helicopters six hours from now on a last minute shoot in Kazakhstan, there are very few people that can pull off the magic that Planet Pre Pro can and does on a daily basis.

Experience and attitude count immensely in production and here is where PPP shines. Whatever a production needs they'll figure out the most efficient way to get it done, figure out all of the "problems" and then figure out a way to push through every one of those and make it a reality.

They have the abilities and resources to bring to the table everything the photographer needs to be able to do their best work, including just being great and genuine people. I wouldn't leave home without them.

Cliff Lewis - Droga5
Head of Art Production

Planet Pre Pro are simply superb. Insane briefs are always met with positivity and solutions, regardless of the challenges. If there's a way, they'll find it. And not only find it, make it great.

In an industry that is constantly changing, agencies need partners that can adapt and help them navigate, not only the right way but the way that keeps the creative intact and where it should be, first.

Over many years and many, many projects, Planet Pre Pro are not just partners, they are family.

John Offenbach

I have put a live bear in a kitchen and hung boats off bridges. I have also put Ferraris in swimming pools, trashed an AC Cobra and built sets in a live shark infested tank.

All for advertising and all under the watchful eye of Planet PrePro. Each time we emerged safely, with a happy crew and and very happy client.

Jeff Griffith
Creative Director, Men's Health Magazine

When I have a project that requires more than two phone calls to produce, I contact Planet PrePro.

When I have a question about any aspect of a shoot, permitting, locations, crew, photographer, videographer, director, or the minutiae of shutting down streets, airports, cities, parks, or major tributaries, I contact Planet PrePro.

Their knowledge and resources are bar none. 

Jacob Pritchard

My first shoot with Planet Pre-Pro was a super complicated one.

It involved shooting in 17 cities, over 6 weeks. There was a mountain of challenging production elements to deal with: shifting schedules, tons of permits, finding crew in the different cities, weather concerns, long shoot days and property releases just to name a few.

The PPP team pulled it off seamlessly, and the shoot was a great success. I couldn't recommend them more highly.

Heather Elder
Artist Representative

We have not one bad thing to say about Planet Pre-Pro. Every estimate, every shoot, every production is flawless in the attention to detail.

When Our photographers hire them, they are able to concentrate on shooting and leave the details to the production team. They are flexible, resourceful, nimble and smart about their productions.

We highly recommend this team of producers for your next production; without hesitation.


creating tools for the industry

Click on these links to see the latest for our Augmented Reality apps or the other production tools in the App Store.

PPP AR+     PPP AR     PPP AR-P Production Apps

Behind The Scenes



Jan Steinhilber

  • 14 Days
  • 3201 Miles
  • 37 Shots


Many Clients

  • Different Photographers
  • Various Ad Agencies
  • Lots of Locations

Offices on Both Coasts

New YorkLos AngelesSan Francisco


Richard Gaul

Richard has been managing productions around the globe for many of the world's top Directors / Photographers and Ad agencies for more than 30 years.


Scott Davis

Scott has been producing and scouting for clients around the world since graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography in 1982.


Francisco Aliwalas

Francisco has over 2 decades of filmmaking experience from around the globe. From DP to Directing and Editing, Francisco brings his many skills to the motion team at PPP.


Shauna O'Brien

Shauna has been with PPP for 4 years and has 20 years of live event management of theatric and music productions.

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Crew Opportunities

We are always looking to expand our resources for Crew that we can count on for our projects. Below are some of the roles that we keep resumes on file. If you would like to be considered, send us a note using the form on the left.

Position Title: Location Scouts
Description: These individuals must be naturally curious, Want to see what's over the next hill. And they need to be able to get along with all different personalities that they come across while on the road. We have developed a proprietary iPhone App that we provide to Location Scouts for their use while out scouting to assist them with the data and information about each location, so technical proficiency is required.

Position Title: Photo Assistants
Description: These individuals should have a strong work ethic and have experience working around Tungsten and strobe lighting. Knowledge of current camera formats is essential and experience working both in a studio environment and on location is a plus. As with all our crew we are looking for responsible and team players.

Position Title: Digital Techs
Description: Digital Techs certified in Capture One, works in Adobe Bridge and Photoshop, works with back-up software (such as Photo Mechanic, etc.)

Position Title: Production Coordinators
Description: Individuals need to be ultra organized, detail oriented, Apple Computer proficient, have experience on Set and on Location. They should have experience negotiating location fees and obtaining permits, have a list of local crew that are professional and always have the client's best interest at heart.

Position Title: Lighting Technicians
Description: These individuals should be experienced in the use of Tungsten lights as well as Strobes and have a strong understanding on how to work around a studio environment and on location. Strong leadership skills are essential and you must be able to manage other lighting technicians. Being able to collaborate with the creative teams is a must.

Position Title: Videographers
Description: These individuals should be well versed in new and emerging technology with respect to capturing moving images. Experience in shooting both in Natural light and studio light is important, as well as a solid foundations in the fundamentals of shooting Video. As with all our crew we are looking for responsible and team players.

Position Title: Hair & Makeup Artists
Description: These individuals should have experience is working both on location and in the studio. A strong knowledge in both Hair styling and Makeup application is essential, and understand the differences between Still Photography needs and Motion/Video needs.

Position Title: Prop Stylists
Description: These individuals must be well versed in the current styles and be able to communicate with team members and be sensitive to the desired look and feel that is being developed. The Prop Stylist must have a working understanding of the production environment, and have existing relationships with stores / vendors, and have sources for "Cleared" props and set pieces.

Position Title: Wardrobe Stylists
Description: These individuals must be well versed in the current styles and be able to communicate with team members and be sensitive to the desired look and feel that is being developed. The Wardrobe Stylist must have a working understanding of the production environment, and have existing relationships with stores / vendors.

Position Title: Talent
Description: We manage a database of talent that we have cast for previous projects. If you'd like to be considered for inclusion in our database, please reach out to us with the form on the left.

Position Title: Casting Directors
Description: Our productions work across the globe, so we're always looking for experienced Casting Directors that have good working relationships with local talent agencies and that can jump out of the studio and find "Real People" when necessary.

Position Title: Set Designers
Description: The Set Designers that we work with are creative, resourceful, have teams that act professionally on set, able to manage budgets, complete work on time, and have a great attitude.